Lunch Dishes

12.00 - 16.00 h

Lunch trio: Bread roll with a meat croquette, mini fried egg with ham and a small cup of tomato soup
€ 11,00

Focaccia bread roll with carpaccio of very thin raw beef slices, old cheese, truffle mayonnaise and pine nuts
€ 7,75

Banana coconut raspberry bread with smoked duck brest and hazelnuts
€ 7,75

Sourdough bread with grilled tuna fish, rucola and truffle mayonnaise
€ 8,00

Ciabatta bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions and capers
€ 7,75

Salad with smoked chicken, apple, scallions, pine nuts and orange dressing
€ 7,25

Swiss muesli waldkorn bread roll with fried goat cheese, sweet pepper salad, honey and fresh thyme*
€ 7,50

Croque monsieur with brie, apricot jam, pear and nuts*
€ 6,75

Grilled French bread Caprese, with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and pesto
€ 7,50

French bread with fried beef strips, mushrooms, horseradish cream and a salsa of grilled sweet pepper
€ 8,50

Sesame bread roll with a beef burger, bacon, cheese, raw vegetables and a fried egg, served with chips and ketchup
€ 10,00

Two vealballs with bread and gravy
€ 9,50

Two meat croquettes served with bread and mustard
€ 5,75

Chicken skewers with peanut sauce, spicy cucumber salad, shrimp crackers and French fries
€ 9,75

Farmer’s omelette with vegetables, bacon and fresh cream
€ 7,50

Omelette with smoked salmon, asparagus, spinach and fresh cream
€ 9,25

Fried eggs, at choice with cheese, bacon, ham, roastbeef or fricandeau
€ 7,75

* Organic dish. On request we can also serve you gluten-free bread.


Wooden board with white and brown bread, served with herb butter
€ 3,75

Royal carpaccio of raw beef slices with cheese, truffle mayonnaise, pine nuts
€ 11,00

Dutch shrimps with cocktail sauce
€ 12,00

Smoked salmon served on little gem, garnished with red onions and capers
€ 10,50

Steak tartare with horseradish, anchovy and a deep fried egg
€ 12,50

Marinated buffalo mozzarella with watercress salad
€ 10,50

Roasted pear with goat cheese, ginger and walnuts *
€ 11,00

Caesar salad with fried chicken strips, vine tomatoes, anchovy, crispy bread croutons and Pecorino cheese
€ 11,00

* Organic dish. All appetizers are served with bread and lightly salted butter. On request we also will be pleased to serve you gluten-free dishes.


Traditional tomato soup
€ 4,75

Creamy mushroom soup with chervil
€ 4,75

Asparagus cream soup with roasted almonds *
€ 4,75

Courgette cream soup with ricotta *
€ 4,75

* Organic dish

Warm Appetizers

Shrimp croquettes with sweet-and-sour cucumbers and saffron mayonnaise
€ 11,00

Vegetarian wrap filled with kidney beans, red sweet peppers and sweet corn, served with an avocado dip
€ 10,50

Oven baked mussels with garlic cream
€ 10,50

Pie filled with creamy chicken stew
€ 7,50

* Organic dish

Fish dishes

Three fried baby soles with Hollandaise sauce
€ 21,00

Fried Sea bass and scallop, served with patato tortilla and fres cream
€ 20,50

Sesame lacquered salmon, served with vegetables and sweet patato chips
€ 18,50

Fried cod fish fillet with baby potatoes, crunchy bacon and remoulade sauce
€ 19,50

* Organic dish. Dishes will be served with a vegetable, French fries and baked potatoes. An extra vegetable will be served on request.

Vegetarian dishes

Penne with olive oil, spinach and three cheeses
€ 15,00

Salad with fried goat cheese, served with roasted hazelnuts and a vinaigrette with forest mushrooms *
€ 14,75

* Organic dish

Meat dishes

Traditional tournedos with stir-fried vegetables from the wok
€ 22,00

Sliced beef with pepper sauce
€ 22,75

Beef skewer with Stroganov sauce
€ 22,75

Ribeye steak with herb butter
€ 17,50

Beefsteak with green pepper sauce
€ 17,50

Fried veal liver whit bacon, onions and Calvados sauce
€ 16,75

Beef curry with white rice
€ 18,50

Rack of lamb with baby potatoes and sauce of cucumber, mint and red chili
€ 21,50

Pork fillet with bacon, mushrooms, onions and truffle sauce
€ 17,50

Escalope with forest mushroom sauce
€ 15,25

Cordon bleu served with cheese sauce
€ 15,00

Chicken fillet with herb butter *
€ 19,50

Royal chicken skewer with peanut sauce, cucumbers and shrimp crackers
€ 17,50

* Organic dish

Senior dishes

Two fried baby soles with Hollandaise sauce
€ 16,50

Small beefsteak German style with bacon, onions and mushrooms
€ 14,50

Small escalope, with mushroom sauce
€ 11,75

Children's Menu

a drink at choice

vegetarian pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, chicken niggets, fricadel, fish fingers, escalope, meat croquette, cheese soufflé or a hamburger, served with french fries, apple sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise

and as dessert: Ice cream in a mug which you may take along!

Menuprice: € 8,50

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Useful information

  • Free WIFI
  • Perfectly located on the A2 between Amsterdam and Utrecht
  • Convenient for public transport (2 minutes’ walk from Breukelen railway station)
  • Free parking
  • Spacious terrace
  • Payment by Debit Card, Credit Card or cash
  • Special senior citizen menu options

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