Packing list holiday

Going on holiday or a long weekend away? Use a packing list for your holiday and leave stress-free, guaranteed! Whether you have a relaxing holiday, cycling holiday or walking holiday planned; this packing list is tailored to every kind of holiday!

Clothing & accessories
One of the most important things not to miss on your holiday packing list is clothing. Of course, depending on the climate and destination, what you bring can vary a lot. The following packing list will make sure you don't overlook anything:

⃞      Long trousers

⃞      Shorts

⃞      Dresses/skirts

⃞      T-shirts/tops

⃞      Sweater(s)

⃞      Cardigan(s)

⃞      Underwear

⃞      Socks

⃞      (Rain) jacket

⃞      (Hiking) shoes

⃞      Slippers

⃞      Bikini/swimming trunks

⃞      Sunglasses

⃞      Cap/hat/cap

⃞      Gloves

Tip: Planning an active holiday? Then take light and airy clothes with you.

Toiletries and hygiene products
Besides clothes and accessories, toiletries and hygiene products cannot be missing from your holiday packing list. Whether you go away for a full week or opt for a weekend away; your toiletries and hygiene products cannot be left behind! The following items should not be forgotten on your packing list for your holiday or weekend away:

⃞      Toothpaste

⃞      Toothbrush

⃞      Deodorant

⃞      Make-up (cleanser)

⃞      Cotton pads/swabs

⃞      Nail clipper

⃞      Body lotion

⃞      Comb/brush

⃞      Perfume

⃞      Medication

Shower items like shampoo, conditioner and shower gel you can leave at home. These are available at the hotel!

Essential documents and electronics
To make sure you have a worry-free holiday or weekend away, it is important to also take important documents and electronics with you to your destination. Tick off all the items on the packing list and make sure you are accessible and don't run into any surprises.

⃞      Passport/ID card/driving licence

⃞      Booking confirmation

⃞      Debit/credit card

⃞      Mobile phone

⃞      Laptop/tablet

⃞      E-reader

⃞      Photo/video camera

⃞      Chargers/power bank

⃞      Headphones

Wherever you travel, this holiday packing list will ensure that nothing is left behind!

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