Discover the castles in the area!

Go on an adventure and discover the castles in the area! Follow the 54-kilometer route by bicycle, e-bike or car. You start and finish at Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen.

The first castle you will encounter is Gunterstein, this castle is dating from 1300. [Zandpad, Stichtse Vecht]

Then you will pass Oudaen, a building from the Middle Ages that was inhabited by the noble families of the Netherlands. [Zandpad, Stichtse Vecht]

You continue the route to the beautiful Castle De Haar with the beautiful castle gardens. This is the largest castle in the Netherlands. [Bochtdijk, Utrecht]

The fourth castle on the route is Castle Montfoort. This castle was built in the year 1100 and is located in the pleasant village of Montfoort. [Om 't Hof, Montfoort]

From Montfoort you leave for Castle Woerden. Sir of Woerden had this castle built in the year 1400. [Castle, Woerden]

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