The Rijksmuseum

The museum of the Netherlands where 800 years of Dutch history is presented is called the Rijksmuseum. In the middle of the country, in the historic center of Amsterdam, you can admire the masterpieces of the great masters such as Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt.

What makes this museum so special?

The museum with its well-known great masters already provides the necessary attention, making the Rijksmuseum one of the most popular museums in the Netherlands. For example, 8,000 objects are presented that tell you what happened in the field of Dutch art and history in the 17th century. Vermeer's street, Breitner's work, Van Gogh's self-portrait and of course the Nachtwacht are part of the beautiful collection. You can take advantage of the daily guided tours so as not to miss anything and learn a lot. The tour can be followed using the Rijksmuseum app, which provides an extra fun experience and you can even compose your own route. If you are more into the podcast there is a series where you will be excited about the presented objects.

Opening hours and accessibility

The Rijksmuseum is open every day from 09:00 to 17:00 and is accessible to everyone. Visitors with a wheelchair or walking aid are of course welcome in the museum, there is an entrance with an elevator. When you see the Rijksmuseum, the elevator is on the right-hand side and someone from security will come over to assist you with the elevator. In addition, assistance dogs, provided they are on a leash on a harness, are also welcome to walk around the museum. For people with a mild intellectual disability, the Rijksmuseum offers a fantastic tour and a Delft Blue workshop in which the inspiration from the Rijksmuseum is immortalized on a tile.

What to do afterwards?

The Rijksmuseum on the museumplein is located near the canal belt and is also very close to the Vondelpark. After relaxing in the museum, it is very nice to dive into the heart of Amsterdam OR travel back to Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen and have a drink in the bar/restaurant. Or take a dip in our swimming pool and enjoy the Wellness to completely relax and enjoy this beautiful museum in Amsterdam.