The Bellopad [19 km]

Would you like to take a special nature and culture walk in the vicinity of Hotel Breukelen? Then Het Bellopad is highly recommended, you walk along the old railway, past 4 old railway houses, along the Vinkeveense plassen and through the picturesque Angstel area near Baambrugge. You will pass Stelling van Amsterdam with Fort near Abcoude, monumental pumping station De Ruiter and the moat of the disappeared Abcoude castle.

You will walk 6 meters below NAP, through the oldest polder in the Netherlands. The Bellopad is named after a famous locomotive and is 19 kilometers long. The path is also good for walking in sections, for example Mijdrecht - Gemaal de Ruiter [2.5 hours] or Spoorhuis Vinkeveen - Gemaal de Ruiter [1 hour].

To walk the path, you need to drive your car to a starting point. Several options are available: Rondweg Long Parking, Mijdrecht [20 min] or Stationsplein 3 Parking, Abcoude [15 min]. If you want to walk part of the route, you can also start at Gemaal de Ruiter in Vinkeveen, 15 minutes from Hotel Breukelen.

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