Walking on the peat paths [12 km]

In the vicinity of Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen is beautiful nature! Besides that you can sail through the Botsholse nature reserve, you can also take a walk on peat paths. We have set out this route of approximately 12 kilometers especially for our hotel guests. You walk over dikes, along the water, you come across mills, beautiful reed collars, a ferry and of course the beautiful peat paths. Halfway through the route you can take a lovely break at De Grote Sniep and overlook the Peat area from the watchtower. The route starts and ends at Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen!

The route

  1. Walk through the grounds of Hotel Breukelen out of the barriers
  2. Go left towards Stationsweg
  3. Walk underneath the tunnel and follow the bend around the road.
  4. Cross the roundabout [second exit]
  5. Before the drawbridge you can turn left onto the Galgerwaard, you walk along the river Groote Heicop
  6. You will arrive at the drawbridge of Portengen, cross the road and repeat your way along the water over the dike
  7. Where the water divides you can cross the water with the ferry [Voetveer Joostendam]
  8. After getting off the ferry, go left and around the bend
  9. Follow the water, you are now crossing the dike over Bijleveld
  10. When you see the Wiatrak mill across the water, you're on the right track!
  11. At the end of the dike you will arrive at the pumping station, cross the road diagonally to the Veenkade
  12. You are now walking on the first peat paths
  13. You will then arrive at Pavilion Tower De Grote Sniep, where you can enjoy something to eat or drink before continuing your route
  14. Continue your route, from De Grote Sniep, turn left and follow the Veenkade peat path
  15. Be careful, cross the Korenmolenweg carefully to continue your route over the Veenkade
  16. You will then come to a fork, turn left onto Bosdijk
  17. You will soon be at a fork again, turn right
  18. You walk over a small section of hardened road, cross the intersection
  19. Soon turn right at the next intersection and immediately left onto an unpaved path on Boterwal [if you need to use the toilet, you can continue straight ahead over the Bosdijk for a little bit. On the right side you will find a small park with toilet Bosdijk. Continue the route after this!]
  20. You will arrive at the end of Boterwal at a fork with Oud Aa, turn right
  21. You are now walking the last bit of paved road over Oud Aa
  22. Cross the intersection and continue on Oud Aa
  23. You are now back at the roundabout of the provincial road, continue straight on
  24. Follow the road to the left through the tunnel
  25. You will see the windmill and our hotel on the right
  26. Welcome back!