Walking to de Haar Castle [16 km]

Take a lovely walk, of a total of 16 kilometers, in the vicinity of Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen and discover the beautiful De Haar Castle on foot. De Haar is the largest castle in the Netherlands and you can wander around for hours. 

Within 8 kilometers, you will have arrived at the impressive castle and you can start exploring the beautiful gardens. On the estate you can take a break at Koetshuis de Haar or the cozy Tuynhuis. A treasure hunt is available for the children. 

The route can also be made by bicycle, bicycles can be rented at our reception. 

The route:

  1. Depart from Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen and turn right once you've passed the barriers.
  2. Walk underneath the railway station along the water. 
  3. After about 50 meters, when you pass a bicycle shed, you can turn right onto Broekdijk West.
  4. Then keep left on Kanaaldijk West so that you arrive at the Amsterdam-Rijnchannel
  5. Follow the channel until you can turn right, onto Parallelweg, go underneath the railway again. 
  6. Continue your route along the railway until you reach the pumping station, enter the village immediately after that. 
  7. You will arrive at a T-junction of the Zwanenkamp. Go right. 
  8. You come back to another T-junction, turn right again, then immediately left and cross the water. 
  9. When you have crossed the water, turn right and follow Zwanenkamp around the bends past playground Zwanenkamp. 
  10. At the end of the road you will arrive at the Vomar, turn right here and immediately right again. 
  11. Now follow the road straight ahead until you reach the park and take the bridge over the highway. 
  12. At the end of the Rijneveldsche Boschpad, turn left onto the Ockhuizerweg. 
  13. Quickly turn right onto the Wethouder de Greeflaan. You are now in Haarzuilens. 
  14. Follow the path to the castle. You can have a snack and a drink in Koetshuis de Haar or the cozy Tuynhuis. 
  15. You can enjoy a walk here and enjoy the beautiful castle. 
  16. Your way back starts on the Rijndijk. Leave the estate at Koetshuis de Haar, cross the gate with the drawbridge and turn right onto Bochtdijk, then immediately turn right again onto Rijndijk. 
  17. Follow the Rijndijk, cross the roundabout straight on and continue your route on Gieltjesdorp. 
  18. You will then cross the railway, take the bridge over the railway and continue on Portengen. 
  19. At the end of Portengen you will come to another roundabout, before the roundabout turn right onto the parallel orad of the Provincialeweg. 
  20. Follow this road and you will arrive at the A2, walk underneath the highway and you will find the hotel on your right! 
  21. Welcome back!