Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen



Bicycle storage


Bring your own bicycle to Hotel Breukelen and store it free of charge in our locked bicycle shed. In the bicycle shed we offer space for your own (electric) bicycles so that they can be stored safely and dry during your stay.

Bicycle storage

The bicycle shed is located in the parking lot of hotel Breukelen, directly opposite the entrance of the hotel. During your stay you can gain access to this space at any time by means of your room pass. Did you bring an electric bicycle? The bicycle shed has a number of sockets so that you can charge it here.

Rent a bicycle

Would you rather not bring your own bicycles during your stay at hotel Breukelen? Then choose to rent bicycles! We have various (electric) bicycles that you can rent for one or more days. This depends on availability. Also take a look at our e-choppers for a special experience during your stay. For more information, please contact the reception.

Bicycle routes

If you want to come to hotel Breukelen fully prepared, you can take a look at the various node routes that can be started from hotel Breukelen! For example, choose the castle route, a route that takes you past 5 different castles. If you prefer to cycle along the water, take a look at the Loosdrechtseplassen route. With these different cycling routes you can make your stay at hotel Breukelen complete!