Video Conference

New times call for new solutions. Do you have a meeting planned but not everyone can come? Ask us about the unlimited possibilities to continue your meeting in a hybrid form.

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Do you use your own platform (such as Microsoft teams, Skype, Zoom, etc.)? Then rent a webcam as an addition to your package. With this option you can:

  • Using your own platform
  • Easily visualize the space for viewers at a different location
  • "Plug & play" with USB

This option is suitable for meetings of up to 10 people on location. The number of guests present online is determined by the chosen platform.

Policom Studio Camera
Are you considering the above webcam but want better image quality (4K) and a camera with built-in noise canceling microphone? Then ask about the Policom Studio camera. Just like the webcam, you can easily connect this via USB to supplement the use of your own platform. The advantages of this camera:

  • Using your own platform
  • Easily visualize the space for viewers at a different location
  • 4K image quality
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Controllable with remote control
  • "Plug & play" with USB or USB-C

Customized Video Conference
Would you like to organize a hybrid meeting where technical assistance is available? We would like to hear your specific wishes in order to translate these into a suitable quotation. For example, think of:

  • Multiple cameras to capture different angles or guests
  • Technical assistance available to take streaming off your hands
  • Have external speakers dial in
  • In addition to streaming, also record your presentation
  • Several halls watch the speaker from 1 hall
  • Live Q&A chat features

Your Presentation in pictures with WebClip2go
Would you rather not go “live” but would you like to share your presentation on video with your target group? Please inquire about the possibilities for recording your presentation. In collaboration with WebClip2Go we can place a “mobile studio”. You can use a standard template or create your own. Plug in your presentation and record as many videos as you need.

The video is completely yours after recording and can then be shared on a platform of your choice.

Curious about what we can do for your event? Please contact our sales department.