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We offer our guests the opportunity to also choose 'green'. We encourage guests staying longer than one night to skip the interim room cleaning. If you skip it, we will plant a tree in collaboration with Hotels For Trees. To give it an extra incentive, we also offer various green-stay packages at a discount.
This is how we offer our guests a hospitable green experience and support afforestation projects worldwide!

Sustainable Hotel Breukelen

Our hotel proudly uses a large number of solar panels on the roof of our conference center and annex building to generate sustainable energy and reduce our ecological footprint. We are currently investigating how much surface area is still available to install more panels. Our goal is to cover an area of approximately 4000 m2 with solar panels.

Sustainable Hotel Breukelen


We use cogeneration, which generates energy and heat simultaneously. The CHP is powered by a gas-fired engine. This motor drives a generator, which produces electricity. This electricity can then be used for, for example, lighting in the building. The heat that is produced is used in the circuit and is therefore used to heat the swimming pool, tap water and air treatment.



A lot of heat is produced in the kitchen by, for example, ovens, baking trays, heat lamps, etc. This residual heat is often blown outside with an extractor hood and nothing is done with it. The warm air produced in the kitchen is captured via the extractor hood, filtered and then used in the circuit for heating the tap water and air treatment. This means that the residual heat is reused and as little as possible is lost.


BMS system

In other words, Building Management System. To prevent us from heating rooms that are not in use, we have linked our climate system to our room reservation system. This link reads from our reservation system for which times the space is reserved for heating or cooling only during these times. We use this same connection for the lighting in the halls.


Insulated pipes

The pipes that run through the building are well insulated to retain heat. This did not originally apply to the links. By also properly insulating the couplings and junctions of the pipework, an additional 15% is saved annually by preventing unnecessary heat loss.

When applying these “insulation mattresses” we saw an immediate drop in the room temperature of the room in question, which was immediately proven.


Electric charging stations

Come and have a green meeting too

Meeting for Trees

In addition to Hotels for Trees, we will also start from November 2023
For every green meeting package booked, trees are planted, with which companies not only contribute to a greener planet, but also offset part of the CO2 emissions of their guests. A certificate will be displayed in the meeting room with the number of trees planted for your meeting.