Rent an e-chopper and discover the beautiful green surroundings. Tour the picturesque places on the Vecht and the windmills. The e-choppers are mopeds, so you don't have to wear a helmet. Our e-choppers take you to all places of interest in the area at a speed of up to twenty-five kilometers per hour. With us you will receive various tips for fun routes. Whatever you choose, with our e-choppers it will always be a fantastic day!

Renting an e-chopper is possible from €19.50 

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- Reservations are made through a third party, in this case EuroWheelz.

- Reservations can no longer be changed or cancelled.

- A demonstrably valid moped or car driver's license is required for every driver.

- Renting an e-chopper is only possible for our hotel guests.

- With a full battery you can drive 55 km. - A maximum of 1 adult is allowed on an e-chopper, no one is allowed on the back.