We are building the Future!

Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen is in full swing: after a thorough renovation our guests will soon be able to enjoy a brand new conference center, a new reception, hotel bar, restaurant, extension to our annex and beautiful a la carte kitchen. We look forward to a wonderful future for Hotel Breukelen together with you!

Of course we will do our best to minimize any discomfort for guests.If you have any questions, we are at your service 24 hours a day to answer them.

Last update

At this moment we are working on a new covering to our outbuilding. 

Recently our new buffet restaurant has been opened where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Moreover our terrace on the highway side of our hotel is available for a cup of coffee, a delicious lunch or a good dinner! 

The future of Hotel Breuken

  • Beautiful new facade with natural appearance
  • Conference center with 22 multifunctional meeting rooms and central square
  • Buffet restaurant with space for 400 + 200 guests
  • A la carte restaurant with space for 400 guests
  • New hotel bar, coffee lounge and lobby
  • Extenstion to the sidebuilding where the fitness and Wellness Center are located
  • Stylish and brand new interior!

The renovation in phases

September 2018 to February 2019

  • Construction of a brand new à la carte restaurant and completely new kitchen. The restaurant will consist of 3 parts, with a total capacity of 400 guests.
  • Creation of a new coffee lounge and service bar.
  • Extenstion to the sidebuilding, where the Wellness Center is located.

February to June 2019

  • Renovation of the inside of the main building, for which the main building will be completely closed for 2 weeks in the spring break of 2019. In the side building rooms rooms will remain available for guests, who can now enjoy the brand new restaurant.
  • The new conference center will also remain open.
  • Construction of a new entrance and a larger and lighter lobby.
  • Renewal of the front office and sales desk and repositioning of the lifts.
  • Build an atmospheric hotel bar with inviting glass façade and a brand new buffet restaurant, where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

July to August 2019

  • Construction of a central square with bar for drinks, new seats and coffee points at the conference center, which will consist of 22 brand new meeting rooms at the end of this phase.